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MUAH! 💋 Kissing this week goodbye, happy to see the weekend! Currently obsessed with all things lip print (and love getting to work with this print a lot for merch campaigns for one of my @thesunnylalaedit clients)!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, lip prints are everywhere and I LOVE it. This 💋 tee is $20 (I’m still figuring this out but I do know you’re meant to be very transparent if you link,etc.. So hi, this is me being transparent and saying that the link is commissionable, through LikeItToKnowIt! I promise to only post things I truly love and try not to be annoying about it!)

I post often at @nicoledreamsinpink as well as the brand accounts @thesunnylala (gifting) and @thesunnylalaedit (retail consulting and portfolio) on Instagram. I’ll periodically be sharing here as well, with links where possible. Happy weekend everyone! 

(If you’re on Like It To Know It, you can find my account under The Sunny La La!)

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