Rainbow Brite

Posted by Nicole DeMore on

Hope your week is off to a colorful start!  Trying something new out - I'll be sharing a weekly install of curated retail (themes to rotate but you can count on a lot of color per my usual jam!).  Since I left my last position, I've heard from a lot of you kind friends that you miss shopping with me in that environment.  Here I can bring you some of the product I've been shopping, sourcing for clients or buying for myself.... the same combos I would typically merchandise together in a shop atmosphere!  (I'll be posting here as well as on the @thesunnylalaedit Instagram portfolio!  And don't forget to check out @thesunnylala or the shop online here for gifting!).  Direct links below (please know that some of them are commissionable!).

In this colorful curation:

* I am LOVING Spiritual Gangster's new rainbow palm hoodie.  One of my favorite brands to carry and wear personally, the brand always brings positivity - this piece is my spring vibe! Rainbow palm hoodie HERE!

* I recently bought and LOVE these checkerboard rainbows slides, perfect for the beach!  Rainbow slides HERE!

* Everyone I know has had a rough few weeks recently - sometimes throwing on a rainbow tee helps (or it does for me).  This tank is a current fave of mine (and it's currently under $9!). 'Eternal Optimist' tank HERE!

* Everyone and their bests love Bala bangles lately, but do you know you can get them in RAINBOW!?!  (Yes, my neighbors look at me weirdly, whatever.) I LOVE mine - they also come in the prettiest  Bangles in rainbow HERE... they also come in the PRETTIEST ombre pink (1 lb.) HERE, and the best bright pink if you want the 2 lb. style HERE!

* 'Live Life Colorfully' by Jason Naylor is the HAPPIEST book!  Naylor is an amazing artist (with the most awesome murals all over the country - I'll share some of them on stories today!).  His first book is recently out and I am so happy to have a copy.  Would make the perfect gift for your favorite optimist, big hearted friend or art fan!  Book HERE!

* These sneaks have been my fave go-to for the last year.... Sunshine and rainbows are kind of what The Sunny La La is all about, and the ''Good Vibes' across the backs is perfection.  Mine run true to size! Linked HERE!

Enjoy! (And if you are one of my past shoppers - hi!  Please feel free to comment or DM me if there's anything in particular you're looking for I can help with!)