Rainbow Pile On

Posted by Nicole DeMore on


Wearing every color at once is a LOOK, right?! (Asking for a friend.) Studies show that wearing bright colors can improve your mood, and the mood of people around you... or at least I think they do (my unscientific findings do, 100%)! I for sure reach for neutrals often enough too, but when I’m tired or cranky, a little color (even if just accessories) helps, a lot. (I’ll definitely be adding some shortly, I have not slept well this week, anyone else?! Tired today partially from staying up reading, currently on ‘The Last Flight’ and it has me hooked.)

Weights: here

Sunnies: here 

Ear pod case: old but I have one extra, should we do a fun giveaway...

Keychain: Little Limbo in Austin, TX (Purchased on my last true travel trip, pre 2020 insanity, or rather right as it was starting. This shop is SO cute and they kindly welcomed me to shop in a week in March 2020 where everything was fraught with nerves. Small kindnesses and hospitality always make an impact!) 

(Disclaimer, some of the links are commissionable!)