Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Posted by Nicole DeMore on

New week mood! Three very unrelated things on my mind today (among 583758385 competing others - how’s YOUR weekend going?! )...

 ... That this was our last normal weekend last year and no one knew it. Mind blowing. I went through my photos last night from that week and trying to nail down exact dates. It gave me some wild dreams, do not recommend before bedtime. But you know what... largely my photos reflect back to me some really, really happy times among the wildness last spring. I both cannot believe it’s been a whole year and cannot believe it’s only been a year.

 ... A fave follow (and very talented artist). Stacie Swift , posted yesterday, “What can you do today to make this week a little brighter? You deserve sunshine too.’ ... along with the perfect graphic (see her IG @stacieswift !). That really hit me. I love it.

... and that this week includes #internationalwomensday . I decided to celebrate by buying something from a women-owned small-business - throwing the challenge out to everyone else to do the same thing. It could be anything, big or small, but what a great way to celebrate, right?!? If you do it, I’d love to see! (P.S. I don’t mean me, though I always love and appreciate any The Sunny La La business - BUT, I’ve had the honor of making friends with many small businesses, lots of them women-owned, this year if you need suggestions!

Hat by Nbrhd Laguna via The Shoppe MB and was a sweet gift from my friend Jenn!