Spring Break, But Make It COLOR!

Posted by Nicole DeMore on

Happy beautiful spring Friday!  I love Spring, April is my favorite, next week is my birthday - and, despite having a pile of work to do, I'm in a very happy weekend MOOD today!

As always, I've been loving Tarjay and so appreciate their merchandise, affordability and general fun.  Sharing a few of my current faves from there here (and see my IG today at @nicoledreamsinpink for a few dollar spot, i.e. non-online, finds and the snack item I was happily surprised to find there)!:

* SHE CAN Wine - yummy (and beautifully-packaged!) canned wine by a small business brand of SISTERS! (why didn't my 4 sisters and I think of THAT business venture!).  Perfect for poolside and feeling fine, the rose and cidry rose are my favorites so far! Citrus dry rose spritzer here, Coastal Berry dry rose spritzer here (and straight rose availble in store).  The McBride Sisters' brand's tag line is 'Wines that go anywhere for the woman who's going everywhere.', how great is that?!

* SURF sweatshirt - so cozy and soft inside, perfect or the beach (or for anyone missing the beach) and this color is one of my favorites to wear.  $22! (make sure to pick the 'orange' color)

* BASKETS, various - Target's basket game is killing it lately!  So many cute options (I linked a few more in my LiketoKnowIt).... These rainbow water baskets (toggle for small, medium and large sizes) have been helping me organize my studio space at home and I'm keeping my gifting ribbons in these cute pink pom baskets (comes in neutrals here too)! 

* FRUITY EARRINGS - Baublebar's Target Sugarfix line always delivers on happy jewelry.  These cute cherries (cherries, but make it pink?!  come on, love!) and strawberries are my favorites (and there are other fruity options rounding out the mix: oranges, lemons, pineapples and melons)!

* 'WOMEN DON'T OWE YOU PRETTY' -I  haven't read yet (currently in the middle of 3 other books, why do I do this to myself?!), but it's in my pile.  The colorful cover grabbed me, the graphics and quotes paging through intrigued me (my favorite quote upon glancing is 'Which parts of your self-expression feel like a routine and which make you feel electric?', wow!), can't wait to see if I love it.... and it's making my coffee table cheerful in the meantime!

Hope your weekend is colorful and happy!