Corporate Gifting

For Employees:  These times require making a priority of your employees. From simple ‘thank you’ or ‘I appreciate you’ gifts to a team-wide gift or holiday recognition, I can help you come up with thoughtful and intentional gifts for your staff.  One tool I offer and recommend (an optional format here) is having your team members fill out a basic / fun profile and keeping them all on hand.  It may see inconsequential to know what candy Sally in HR loves most…. But when it comes time to say thank you, making staff feel seen with those small details can be a major asset.  (And if you want to have them fill those out and send them directly to me, I’ll keep them on hand for you and handle the gifting too.)  In these WFH times, many leaders are also opting to brand fun merchandise and distribute to staff for online team bonding as well (think branded yoga matts for an online class, sending out meal ingredients for an online cooking class, etc.). 

For Clients and Vendors:  Likewise, sending thanks to your clients or vendors is important, especially come holiday.  If you need assistance creating logo product to gift them in a fun, on –brand style, let me help!   

For VIP:  Need VIP amenity baskets created?  Did I mention I ran resort retail for 16 plus years?  This is my arena, I love a good welcome or celebratory gift!


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