Project Teachers Rock

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Teachers rock, we all agree, right?

(Updated following completion of Teacher Appreciation Week!)

Gifting teachers in a thoughtful, creative and unique way can be a challenge. (And year-end is already chaotic for most families!)

The solution: outsource it all to The Sunny La La! One stop pop… pick price option, fill out the comment box with any info (ex: things you know the teacher loves, their initials, directive to please include a Starbucks card, etc.), hit order and you’re done.

No shopping, no stress if you have multiple kiddos and or teachers (order per teacher).

If you’d like gift bag and tissue paper included, make sure to choose that option at check out!

Share about your teacher recipient and their favorites below so that their gift will be as The Sunny La La fabulous as possible! 

*** intel from teachers in The Sunny La La community reflects that they love hand-written notes from their students and / or parents - each custom gift will be accompanied by a theme postcard for this purpose

*** looking to gift at a different price range? email at to discuss - minimum of $75 for custom gifts in this category

OR: if you plan on doing teacher shopping yourself but could use some help with creative, fun ideas - La La Links are my affiliate links I share as I shop, you can find them at @thesunnylala Instagram highlights or my LTK account here!