Elf 2023 Adventure Set - 12-Day Barbie-Love Set

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Elf Adventure Set, Make It Barbie Theme!

If your little loves Barbie, this 12-Day Set will enchant! 12 days of Elf magic, starting with the Elf’s very own ‘Barbie Box’! See photos for all days of activities and Barbie-themed gifts Elf will bring your little!

Please note that this set is prepared as for one child, each day includes gifts for the little to enjoy with their own Barbies (if there are more littles in the family, be prepared to prepare them to share).

Want the whole 24 days of Elf Season handled? Add an additional Original 12-Day Set here and your season can be half Barbie, half additional Elf Magic!

Do yourself a favor and get your Elf Adventures handled in one-and-done style!

Imagine ‘December, late-night you’ having the option to pull out a bag (of individually wrapped sets of elf activities), pour out the accessories and cards, assemble in under 3 minutes and be done… AND for the theme and accessories to dazzle the littles the next day. No shopping, no thought. If you want to go the extra mile, the parent card for each day will offer suggestions for incorporating items from around the house. (If not - no judgment, pour yourself a drink and call it a day!)

Add more fun to your order: Elf Babies available here!

And Elf Wellness kits (perfect antidote for if Elf gets touched by littles and loses magic) are available here!

Every set includes 2 daily cards (1 to be set up with Elf, sharing a Barbie fun fact or mindfulness activity in line with the theme of the day and 1 with set-up info / suggestions for parents) and 3 bonus ‘uh-oh’ cards to use if the Elf doesn’t move for a variety of reasons… behavior, late bedtimes, etc.

Please note: Elf products and accessories are final sale. Set includes all accessories, activities and cards but NOT the actual Elf itself.

Includes all Elf activities shown here (styles, colors of accessories subject to change).

24-Day Sets also available here!

See Instagram at @thesunnylala to see previous year’s Elf activities and testimonials.