Elf Adventures Greatest Hits - Individual Activities

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The Sunny La La Elf Season Greatest Hits - by popular request, these adventures available individually, while supplies last! 

Rock the second half of Elf Season (and make it fun for you too!) with these popular Elf Adventures!

Add a ‘Holiday Hero’ (package of Elf accessories for mixing and matching) HERE!

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*** all Elf products are final

ELF YOGA: includes yoga mat and pose poster

ELF KAYAK: includes kayak, paddle and life jacket

ELF BARBIE: includes Barbie ‘box’ (felt), tiny Barbie and tiny pink Christmas tree

ELF POTTY: includes toilet and Hershey Kiss

ELF GARBAGE: includes garbage bin 

ELF TRAVELER: includes “suitcase” (ornament) and passport

ELF PIRATE: includes treasure chest, gems, pirate flag & treasure map

ELF WFH: includes file cabinet, files, books and laptop, Elf slippers

ELF BBQ: includes Elf BBQ, patio chair, ketchup & mustard, hot dog and napkin

ELF WEIGHTS: dumbbell rack & weights