Elf Adventure Set, 2021 Edition - 14 DAY

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14 days of activities for your Elf on the Shelf, individually packaged and accompanied by daily parent (instruction / suggestion) and child (fun / lessons) cards!

Designed to supplement your Elf adventures between December 1 - December 24, with minimal work for parents!

Buy it as an amazing gift for yourself OR as a way to treat your parent friends to a gift that will eliminate holiday stress but still preserve the magic of the season!

If you bought the set last year and didn’t use all the days / activities, this is the perfect ‘booster set’. 

All accessories, days, activities are shown in detail on @thesunnylala Instagram ‘Elf’ highlight!

This set does NOT include the Elf on the Shelf itself.

* Elf on the Shelf products are non-returnable

*** Also available:

Elf Wellness Kit: Elf-sized crate with pair of disposable gloves and magical Elf ‘vitamin sprinkle’ of cinnamon and glitter, with note. Perfect remedy of Elf happens to get touched!

Please note: no returns on the Elf on the Shelf products