Holiday Hero: Elf Season Assist!

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Elf Season is here! Treat yourself (let’s be real, the Elf ideas run out around Dec 5th, right?!) OR gift all your fave parent friends / family!

Created to be the perfect gift for any parent you love (and want to save from holiday stress!) - The Sunny La La Elf Adventures HOLIDAY HERO is just that!  Perfectly packaged for gifting, you’ll be most celebrated when your recipients receive the gift of efficiency and ease so they can enjoy (instead of stress over!) the Elf Season as much as the littles.

Each Holiday Hero includes everything shown (styles and colors vary) AND 2 surprise Elf accessories!:

* Elf beach vacay: blow-up flamingo, sand bucket, shells & beach umbrella (add some brown sugar ‘sand’ at home!)

* Elf picnic: ‘blanket’, hot dog and ants

* Elf backpack (complete with Stay Sunny pin!)

* Elf book (eraser)

* Elf ice cream (eraser)

* Elf donut (eraser)

* Elf juice (lip balm)

* Elf musical instrument (varies)

* Elf notebook (suggested use: listing gratitudes during the holiday season!)

* Elf laptop (opens and closes!)

* Elf deck of playing cards

* Elf foam finger

* 'What’s Your Elf Name?’ Game postcard

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