Perfect 10

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10 days of Elf Adventures (available for sale at 10am today), 10 sets only available!


Make the rest of Elf Season FUN and EASY / EFFICIENT for you! Parents should be able to enjoy the holiday magic alongside the littles!


Available TODAY ONLY and each order receives a complimentary BABY ELF (also available HERE)!


You receive:

* 10 days of Elf Adventures, each individually packaged and accompanied by 2 cards: 1 that gets set up with the Elf as a note to the littles (including a fun fact or mindfulness activity around that day’s theme) and 1 for parents with set-up suggestions

* immediate shipping - depending on where you live, you could have by tomorrow!

* complimentary Baby Elf (most popular item every season)

* one-time pricing

* relief from and enjoyment of Elf Season!!!


This set is created for 1 Elf. Elf products are final sale.