Project Bunny Foo Foo 2023: All The Bunny Bells & Whistles!

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Keep this Easter MAGICAL and FUN for your littles and EASY on you this spring! Let The Sunny La La handle your Easter Basket needs for you!

Want thoughtful, custom, creative, personal Easter Baskets with no work on your end? You're in the right place - All the Bunny Bells & Whistles is your order!  If you’d like the actual basket and tissue paper included, make sure to choose that option at check out!

Share about your recipient and their favorites below so that their basket will be as Project Bunny Foo Foo fabulous as possible!

Want an Easter assist but not the whole shebang? Other options!:

Project Bunny Foo Foo Basket Boosters debut in one week (Monday, March 6th) and offer curated, themed bundles of fun for your littles at the $49-$85 price point. Baskets / tissue paper optional, the Basket Boosters offer you the benefit of The Sunny La La curated fun around a theme without candy or anything personalized. Order the Booster and add your own personal touches!

OR: if you plan on doing the Easter baskets yourself but could use some help with creative, fun ideas - La La Links are my affiliate links I share as I shop, you can find them at @thesunnylala Instagram highlight here or my LTK account here!